Sunday, April 24, 2005

Creationist Rant 1.01

Hey all. well, it seems i have a reader.
i would like to thank the persona of Mynym who posted a comment to my previous hate filled ranting post on Darwin (Creationist Rant 1, see link in sidebar) with a link to a very interesting post of his own about creationism, which is a very interesting read: take a look: Mynym post and creationists

some chosen quotes: There is no genetic information within reptile scales to allow such a unique device as the sliding joint of a feather to be made. The tortuous route suggested by some of small “advantaged mutations” to scales leads to clumsy structures which are, in fact, a disadvantage to the creature. Not until all the hook and ridge structure is in place is there any advantage, even as a vane for catching insects! Unless one invokes some “thinking ahead” planning, [Mommy Nature making selections?] there is no way that chance mutations could produce the “idea” of the cross- linking of the barbules to make a connecting lattice. Even if the chance mutation of a ridge/hook occurs in two of the barbules, there is no mechanism for translating this “advantage” to the rest of the structure. This is a classic case of irreducible complexity which is not consistent with slow evolutionary changes, but quite consistent with the notion of design.

As one might expect, however, the story does not end there either, for a bird can fly only because it also has an exceedingly light bone structure, which is achieved by the bones being hollow. Many birds maintain skeleton strength by cross members within the hol low bones. Such an arrangement began to be used in the middle of this century for aircraft wings and is termed the “Warren’s truss arrangement.” Large birds, such as an eagle or a vulture, would sim ply break into pieces in midair if there were some supposed halfway stage in their skeletal development where they had not yet “developed” such cross members in their bones.

(Essay by Andrew Mcintosh
In Six Days: Why Fifty Scientists Choose to Believe in Creation
Edited by John Ashton)

read the comments after his post too.
as far as i can tell, mynym agrees with me about how incredibly illogical and unfounded the evolution theory is and how people try to justify it imaginarily. you should too ;)

peace dudes.


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