Saturday, June 04, 2005

Skate for the Lord

wow. yesterday i was just raking it up. just swearing, feeling down about myself, and a self esteem issue as big as the US is full of tasty goodness.

but thanks to my dad, i got some more perspective on all this. no one cares if i skate well or not, and i shouldn't put any kind of unnecessary pressure on myself to perform well in front of others, because my life and worth are not limited to what i can and can't do on my board.

thus my new motto: Skate for the Lord. he doen't care if i do well or not, and its him that i need to skate for, no one else. that means keeping it cool, fun, and enjoyable. anything else, and i go off and i know the Lord doesn't like what i do when i go off.

so i must say one thing: Thanks Dad! i love you man...


Blogger trenchcoatsparrow said...

I miss my brudda.

Off to Munich tomorrow morning. Whee...

6:55 PM  

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