Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Skate mission to the US of A.

Ok kiddies, time to unveil the best part of my personality, the greedy son of gun part!

ok, so the US is nice and cheap when it comes to skate stuff, and i mean, come on, sweden is just outrageous! so, im going all out when it comes to buying stuff there.

so, the 2 boards that i have had so far are:

Santa Cruz strip 3 7.5 (status: destroyed piece of poo)

Zero single skull 7.75 (status: chipped but still kicking)


Royal trucks 5.0 mids and

spitfire 55 mm multiballs wheels that went on both.

and so now, with one somewhat intact board and a good setup, im going to go all out and get 2 more decks, including one complete! sweet uh?
so im going to get this complete:

almost star deck 7.75

royal evolution black truck (so sweet..)

spitfire classics 51 mm red black wheels.

AND im going to get another deck, just for a backup:

Zero 3 skull with blood 7.75.

so now i will have 2 completes and a backup to compensate for the outrageous prices here in sweden.

But thats not all! no no. im going to have this on my shopping list, along with a bunch of tshirts (Zero, spitfire, Almost, Vans and the like) and whatnot:

1. hooded volcom sweatshirt, large or XL

2. shoes, some fallen shoes:

3. a skate tool

and pantsss, poopty peupty pantsss. maybe oakley, whatever.

this is my greed list! enjoi!

and i miss you already sebbe, if you are reading...


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