Thursday, June 23, 2005

Volcom Skate Demo Pics

Yea baby, here they are, nice and resized for your viewing pleasure!!! i anticipated a bit too much on some, but you know? whatever! didn't have many good angles, since i didn't want to stand in front of anyone...

Me, waiting my turn, next to QP (all pictures of me by the multi talented Ken Ozowski)

Me, fs flip attempt (btw, i don't know how to do them... eh well)

Me, ollie attempt (going too fast for me, since you had to race out there)

Me, kickflip attempt

Me, landing after fs 180 ( fast forward is the skate shop hosting the event)

Me, what? (the bakery on the right is where Geoff and DD went pre demo to get something to eat)

Me, kickflip to grass

Here is the van!!

Geoff, after sneaking out to the bakery


DD, back

DD, front, not happy

DD, front, happy


Apples close up

Apples, weird expression

Sheckler, QP, with Berry's underpants and gut in the foreground

Sheckler QP

Park overview, with a Sheckler feeble, DD, Duncombe and Berry

Sheckler, mess up on front board bs bigspin out

Sheckler, mid ollie to front board, with Shane Cross and Berry looking on

Where's Rowley?

Jake Duncombe, (switch?) kickflip front board

Sheckler, kickflip front board touchdown with Berry

Sheckler, ollieing up to front board 2

QP of dreams: Apples, Sheckler, Berry and Suski

Sheckler, switch fs 360 attempt 1, with stoopid filmer

Sheckler, switch fs 360 attempt 2, with stoopid filmer

Apples, 360 flip attempt, with stoopid filmer

DD, 1st and second to last fs flip attempt

DD last fs flip attempt, with park overview

Apples, 360 flip perfection

this is where i ran out of film. then the rest of the demo went on. they kinda all had an off day. but twas very cool indeed. i loved it, and i celebrated by getting Chichagof yesterday.



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