Saturday, September 03, 2005

Creationist Rant 3

This will be short...

"The central fact of human evolution is a given-humans descended from a primate that lived in Africa six or seven million years ago- and those who would doubt evolution are arguing against the entire enterprise of science."

-"Who knew?" National Geographic September 2005

First off: bwaahahahahahaha.
Secondly: A given? Can you give me evidence from the fossil record of what you advance, do you have all the "missing links" needed recorded to even consider this a possibility; basically, what evidence of your claim have you found to have it be a possibility, NAY, a GIVEN that we evolved form a primate... Oh wait, yeah, you don't have any.
Thirdly: Can you be more vague? Six or seven million years ago, yeah, how the heck can you know? Carbon dating? It's a joke in archaeology, it rarely corresponds to what the scientist estimates it is, and is only stated when it corresponds to an evolutionary timeline. Or is this big number strategy just a ploy to keep the average lay man from doubting it, since it seems researched. Yeah, who's the brainwashed dude now?
Fourthly: So, to doubt a theory makes me a terrorist? I'm sorry, i thought one of the main principals of science was to be critical of itself. What would i say? i would say that those who oppose the evolution theory are those who have not given in to blindness.
Fifthly: So to oppose the evolution theory means i am against research of the solar system? That i do not support the enterprise of science to explore the ocean? Give me break dude, you tried too hard, and failed.

Basically, no one reading this here or hearing me say it to them at school is willing to follow the evolution theory all the way to its logical conclusion, and this at multiple stages, but let's focus on the main one:

let's kill the gays! i mean, we should according to the evolutionary theory: they cannot reproduce, they do not help our species, and no matter whether it is by gene or by choice, by Darwin they do not deserve to live, or have kids via donor systems, because they do not help our species survive!
Same goes for the handicapped, the sickly, the old: they do not help our species out in our evolutionary drive at all! Their genes are weak, they should not be allowed to reproduce!

of course, i don't believe this at all, and neither do you. Yet it's the conclusion no? But if we don't agree, then this means we have an innate greater sense of morality than simple animal's instinct, right? Then this means there is something higher that we want to adhere to, right? That there is a right and wrong somehow programmed in us?

not just simple instincts to propagate our species, which would be only natural on our part as we descend from a primate from Africa?! Of course NOT!

well, that right there is disproof for evolution on a personal basis.

i think this makes utmost sense. So unless you condone the brutal assassination of 6 million Jews, you are a rebel against Darwin. Thus you go against the whole scientific enterprise.

Ahhhh, irony.


Blogger trenchcoatsparrow said...

Well, I think evolution basically wants to analyze the human race as though it were an animal species like anything else. And then the same people cry out about human dignity. Whatever.

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