Saturday, July 22, 2006

The Täby Dirt Park

YAAARRRR!!! So the last two days I have been helping out with the Täby Dirt Park, and it is coming together very, very nicely. It once was two measly jumps and it looked quite pathetic, really. But since the summer broke, the boys from the MTB CRÜE of täby (not their real name) have built a 4 hit line, a medium table top to what will be a hip, and a big line hit that will follow into another and then a berm. Yesterday I helped out with the construction of the roll in which still needs a bit of work (mainly, a paint job), and today I helped with the construction of the Table to End All Tables (2 by 8 meters to meter drop, wall ride etc) AND, my proudest moment, i layed the framework and then was assisted by Philip in making Patty 'n Phil's Plateau, for filming of all sorts. So yay. Here is a pic from ye plateau:

Triples Action from my beautiful platform!

And some more pics of the day:

The Roll In!

Into the Sun

Last night, from the dozer:

Mats X-up booyah!


Blogger trenchcoatsparrow said...

Happy happy happy!!

8:08 PM  
Blogger lisa said...

vilken sida! tänker på er alla, hoppas sommaren och värmen är till belåtenhet... ses 13 aug i kyrkan jag kommer iallafall då. gör ni?kram

6:35 PM  

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