Monday, August 14, 2006

I SO just won the DC contest!

Well, as some of you may have known, there was a contest from the DC newsletter. If you were the first to answer the question, you would get D-Way stuff by the truckload. If you were part of the 10 after that lucky fool you would get a limited edition (10 of them total) poster of the el camino by d-way in mexico signed by the bard himself:

and a t-shirt.

Well, yours trully Patty Von Webster, right here, was one of those ten. If i had gotten up just 3 hours earlier, i would have been the first, because the email was sent really early in the morn USA time and i could have hit it.

But either way (haha, i make pun!) i won something!!!! yesss!!!!

The question was:
"What trick is danny way doing on the cover of the first "The Skateboard Mag"?:

My answer:

"Danny Way is doing a Gap to Noseblunt on the DC Mega Ramp at Point X."

Their reply:


You're one of our 10 winners from the El Camino Contest that ran in last week's DC Newsclip. Because you answered the question correctly you're going to score a poster from The Skateboard Mag featuring the cover of Issue 30, signed by Danny Way himself. There are only 10 of these in existence, so the poster is very limited edition! We're also going to hook you up with a tee shirt.

Here's what we need from you:

Reply to this email with your full name, age, mailing address and tee shirt size. As soon as we have all the info we'll get the goods in the mail.

We look forward to hearing from you. Thanks for you interest in DC and for reading the Newsclip!

Paul Brewer
DC Shoes, Inc."

my reply: "Firstly Paul, may i celebrate a bit? YEEEEAAAHHH WOOOO HOOOOOOO HUZZZAH BOOOYAKASHAAA!!!!!!!!

Full Name: Patrick Anders Webster
Age: 17 years
Mailing adress: 2560 Franks Court, 95382 Turlock, California, USA.
T-Shirt size: Large

Thank you oh so very much, cheers to Danny for being himself, thank you DC for making it possible and im going to disneyland!"



Right before the X Games madness got underway we ran a contest in the Newsclip that offered up a prize package courtesy of Danny Way and The Skateboard Mag. Prizes included a Danny Way complete, t-shirts, DC shoes, and 10 posters specially made by The Skateboard Mag that feature the cover of Issue 30… on the cover Danny’s doing his now-infamous rocket backflip on the MegaRamp in Mexico City. Danny went a step further by signing each of limited edition prints- the Mag only made 10 total -and personalizing them to the winners!

The Danny Way/ The Skateboard Mag prize package belonged to the first 11 people that could answer this question correctly:
*** Danny was on the cover of the first issue of The Skateboard Mag. What trick is he doing on the cover of that premiere issue in 2004?

Issue 1.
The answer: Danny’s trick is a gap to nose bluntslide on the MegaRamp’s rainbow rail out at Point X. Thank you to everyone who responded, especially our 11 winners who replied with correct answers within just hours – we had all the winners by 7:30 the morning after the Newsclip was sent!

Manuel Pepin (Santa Margarita) responded 1st so he’ll score the complete (Plan B deck, wheels, Indy trucks, the works), a pair of DC Shoes, and a Skateboard Mag t-shirt. The following 10 people were also winners, scoring the limited edition signed poster and a Skateboard Mag t-shirt, both courtesy of The Skateboard Mag:

Alec Sim (Mount Sinai, NY); Simon Pitt (Queensland, Aus); Patrick Webster (Turlock, CA); Taylor Lindgren (Minneapolis, MN); Tom Meraw (Whistler, BC) Andrew Douglas (Western Aus); AJ Pagan (Stafford, Virginia); Ole Rauff (Denmark); Claudio Rodriguez, Jonathon Soucy

Congratulations to the winners!"


Blogger Benny Strength said...

Holy Shnikes!
I can't freakin believe you won. I never win anything. Well... I did win something once. But I gave it back because apparently your not supposed to own Veloca Raptor's within the city limits. (neighbors were complaining; 'apparently' it ate their kids...)
You should convince DC to give you a million dollars and tell them if they play their cards right they can keep the t-shirt. You really need to take some marketing classes. "I aint sayin' she a gold digger...but she aint messin' with no broke....nW$&#"
Word out.
congrats patty

9:36 AM  

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