Friday, October 12, 2007

I was quoted at the university level, and it's not even the end of the second weel of class!

Yeah, so I'm taking an Earth Science Class. The class is a huge lecture, everyone is completely anonymous, yeah, one of those. As I was reading the chapter for the class, I came upon a chapter about strata. Immediately, my pun factory went off, and I made a cute little photoshop about it. I then sent that image to my professor as a joke, commenting that it could be an interesting addition to the class.

Well, along came today's lecture, and he had in fact added the image to his presentation. That's it, I have made it to a university lecture!

Here is the e-mail and the image in question:

Hello Professor!

I was reading through the chapter and came upon a section about strata. It was in bold, so I started thinking about it. I don't know what you have planned in the upcoming lecture presentations about strata, or how you wish to introduce them, but I think I may have an interesting suggestion (even if slightly grammatically incorrect):

Use at your leisure. If you don't allow for attachments, here is a web link:

Thank you for your class! It has been very interesting thus far and I look forward to the rest!

Thanks again,
Patrick Webster

Hot dawg! Just when you thought I had topped out geek humor with my loop of Henle joke...


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