Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Well hellooooooooo there!

Hej, Salut and Hello to everyone out there, if you guys even bother checking this bad boy anymore.

This is the first occasion I have had to write anything on this here blog deal, please forgive my lackadaisical attitude this summer, it's been pretty rough in the computer business over here.

Just really writing to inform you all that I'm still alive and well. Well, I did just fall like a meter and a half to my hip at the skatepark, but otherwise I'm doing good.

I've got a nice California tan going, I've been working my butt off in housekeeping ("would you like mint on pillow?"), and cleaning toilets and whipping up vomit has never been better.

The summer crew has been really nice, UCSC looks amazing, I'm enrolled in 3 sweet courses for the fall: Earth Catastrophes, American Pop Culture and the Core Course.

I miss you all in Sweden immensely. I hope some of you guys can come out to the USA so I can show you around.

Check out Facebook for pictures and stuff. I'm gonna keep posting pics of me here once I get my computer, don't you all worry. :P

You guys keep on goin', I'll be seeing you sooner than you think.

Peace to everyone, Patty.