Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Rolling Whenever I Could Summer Trip Recap


In point form, my trip in the US of A. Shinkwy!

  1. Landed June 11th, on saturday, which was actually sunday, but saturday, in Texas.

  2. June 12th: went skating at 10 in the morning with the mother of all jet lags at the xgames skatepark in Grapevine mills mall, had taco bell and mountain dew for the first time in 2 years.

  3. clothes bought as of june the 18th:
    - pink Quiksilver t shirt
    - communist camo Quiksilver t shirt
    - brown Volcom t shirt
    - blue Volcom t shirt
    - Vans white and pink t shirt
    - Quiksilver board shorts
    - Volcom board shorts
    - Kirra board shorts
    - Volcom Jeans

  4. June the 18th: Volcom skate demo (from my thread about it on newschoolers.com):

    1. 100F and 95% humidity
    2. Rowley, Apples, DD, Sheckler, Cross, Suski, Berry and Jake Duncombe showed up.
    3. Apples, Suski, Berry, Cross and Sheckler offered some skating.
    4. DD, not drunk, tried a fs flip and called it a day.
    5. Sheckler was the cleanest
    6. Berry the funnest (late shovs, mmmm)
    7. Jake Duncombe the most into it (every nollie trick on the falt bar pretty much, exception: blunt and noseblunt)
    8. Apples the hammerest (nollie bs bigspin over the pyramid to the flat, and nollie kick over the pyramid)
    9. Apples butt crack was quite hansome.
    10. Sheckler was super chill.
    11. Apples did the crowd pleasing things and was most impressive, but called it after 45 min, due to the heat.
    12. i noticed geoff sneak out to a bakery, and when he came out, with no one around, i shook his hand, manly style; he then slipped unnoticed into the crowd and watched the demo ( i will have pics later).
    13. i shook DDs hand, all limp style; you could tell he would have rather not been there.
    14. Got Ryan to sign a dollar bill and 2 posters for me, the rest except rowley signed the posters ( i got someone elses rowley signed thing though. they drove off without it...)
    15. witnessed utter stupidity, when they threw some things out into the crowd, a fat loser kid jumped out in front of suski as he was going to nolie flip lip the flatbar, and didn't think twice about it.
    16. hardly anyone in the crowd was into it, due to the heat
    17. berry destroyed his board on a fs flip, he then focused it, and threw it into the crowd. stupidity and a brawl ensued.
    18. all in all, a slight disspointement.
    19. the highlight for me will not be the skating, but meeting the dudes and see them in real life and shaking their hands.
    20. the skating lacked energy, but some hammers made it worthwhile.

    All in all a good experience, but with a negative aftertaste i feel (NB). or it might just be me and some disillusionment. but hey, I SHOOK GEOFF ROWLEYS HAND!!!!

    (NB, added on june 19th: now that ive had some time since then, i realize that it ruled, and was one of the coolest thing i have ever been to.)

    PICTURES: see Volcom skatedemo post!!!!!!!!

  5. June 19th: Cici's Pizza, first pepperoni pizza in 2 years. Michaels truck is awesome, his driving insane, and coupled with Gorillaz, pure madness on the streets: mad 45 mph speed bump jumping in a 10 mph zone, and donuts ensued. MMMMM, donuts.

  6. June 20th: my aunt Dianne paid for a nice gold and silver cross, to remind myself of my commitement to Jesus my Lord. Going out for some mexican food tonite. Yay!

  7. June 20-21st: yea, so it was a relative yay: the food was awesome, but i purged it after house of flying daggers, for no apparent reason. might be due to that frappucino before dinner... anyways, mucho bummo.

  8. June 21st: Ok, so im gonna leave frappucinos out of my diet for now. No hurling yet today, which is good. However, the blister i got on my foot from the burning cement at a pool a few days back peeled off in the shower this morning. so i got raw meat exposed. fun. Nonetheless, today was national GO SKATEBOARDING DAY, so i went out to skate, and tried to get my first kickflip in a month, and instead of that, so jocks threw a gatorade at 45mph at me, from their car. laugh it up, butt slappers, laugh it up. i wish upon thee the worst jock itch in the world. take that yah losers. Watching and hoping san antonio will win the final tonite. Annnnnnnd they lost. dang.

  9. June 22nd: Bought me Veeco Chichagof The Hook (such a sweet movie) and Zero Dying To Live New Blood( seriously good movie), all for 59 bucks.... ouch. but well worth it. Volcom Demo pics to be had soon. Went to the pool and showed off my skillz on the diving board, with one sock on (burn, baby, burn). Taco bell, MMMMMMM.

  10. June 23rd: Well, we went to see how our USA currency is made in one of 2 mints in the country, the Dalls Fort Worth one. Look at your dollar bill: if it has an "fw" on there, it was made in the mint where we were at. I think its safe to say, i have never been closer to 1.5 billion dollars... Pretty cool thing to see your money being made. Debut of Ozowskis Phrase of the week. Now its time for the NBA finals... Go Spurs!!! And we wooooooooonnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!! YEEEEESSSS!!!!!!!! NBA champs! Yay Spurs!!!

  11. June 24th: Been working on my blog.... i made the content wider, from 660px to 800px , so that my sidebar doesn't get shoved down if the pic is too big. Now you can navigate to the rest better since the sidebar is at the top now. I changed the lines, made them solid red and bigger, for a better look. And if you were wondering wy the page is black, is to not strain your eyes when you read my long posts. I also got rid of the counter, its all weird since this comp didn't reject cookies like i wanted it to, so 250 people visited mt site when only a true 4 have.... I got rid of the picture behind the title, and thanks to fireworks mx 2004, there is me trying a fs flip with a red halo. So sweet! We also have a digital camera now ( THANKS AUNT DIANNE !!!!!! ), so the filming of the IB flying daggers video will start, assuming that the parents aren't too anal about it ( i mean common, i know more about the camera looking at it than my dad does reading the manual).... My video part will accompanied by Dare, by Gorillaz. So sweet! And tomorrow, we is leaving to Californ-I-A to continue the shopping spree. New boards coming soon...

  12. June 25th: landed in San fran and now just chillin at the grand parents house. Apparently im not "buttering" the parents up enough to use the camera, which in my very right opinion is complete BS... And laura is enjoying portraying me as the enemy, once again... Anyhoos, now we are here. Need to read Chocolat before the end of this week. No shopping though, ahhhh, its great to be poor again and have your money spent by someone else. Well, hopefully i will find something to do. Toodles.

  13. June 26-27th: pretty non descript, besides the fact that i now have 2 hundred dollars from grandma to spend... WOOOO HOOOOOO!!! that makes it 230 dollah! oh yea. Gonna get some DVDs and expensive clothing, and even enough stuff to have 3 whole boards! yay! Played softball, and got whooped... fun... anyhoos! laters.

  14. June 28th: Sales Yard. Woop de doo... pretty much nothing there to do. Then Fiorinis pool, and im mastering a new move: dive to roll out; where you basically dive, and when your hands hit the water you tuck in cannonball style and spray fowards. so fun to do. now im at war about wether or not to spend 100 dallah pretty much, on trucks, bearings and hardware for a 3rd complete possibly, along with 2 DVDs, or to just get the DVDs... i dunno... help on this one would be cool. Still, that leaves me with 100 bucks for the rest of the summer, as much as i would have gotten anyways, so its all good...

  15. June 29th-July 22nd: Wow. Been almost a month since i last posted... Can't say i missed it much, i just had the most awesome 3 weeks ever, what with a family camp spent with the wild oak people when i could just chill and learn about God from some of the coolest people i've ever met, fall and burn on a longboard, and go surf for the first time and get some bike skills, to the awesome week i spent at Wild Oak with the same awesome people.
    These past weeks have just shown me something i knew from the start: no matter what people say or think, christians are some of the coolest people around.

    The family camp was spent learning about service, and with that we went to the Elm Street Mission and prepared and served a free dinner to some homeless pople. I had such a great feeling of accomplishement after that. And the activities on the side were great, Iron Chef, Scavenger Hunt and all the fun activities you can think of. Heck, i ran my first ever race, the Mountain Goat Run, a 2.7 mile ( almost 5k) up and down killer on the calves that i did in skate shoes, and i finished 28th, in 25:38... Not to shabby i might say.

    Wild Oak... hmmm, how should i put this. 'k, got it: AWESOME. Thats it. It was some of the most fun i have ever had, some of the better fellowship and some of the best people walking in Christ i have ever met. I was so inspired by Bree ( diggity), Kuzco Steve and by Tortilla Steve, that all doubts about God that i had had prior just vanished. Sad to say the speaker was less than inspiring, he came off as a kinda "be afraid" person. A few times, i think he was flat wrong about the Kingdom of God, but he offered some interesting view points nonetheless. The activities were just insanely fun, and scimboarding at the end was probably the paramount. On my behalf, i would like to say a big THANK YOU to the whole team over there at Wild Oak who made it happen.

    And this past week? Yosemite. Need i say more?

    As for other stuff, the shopping spree has pretty much ended. A final recount maybe:
    _4 Quiksilver items: 2 shirts, 1 pair o boardshorts, 1 sweatshirt
    _6 Volcom items: 2 shirts, 1 jersey, 1 pair o boardshorts, 2 pair o long pants
    _ element pants
    _a vans shirt
    _ kirra shorts
    _ Wild oak tshirt
    _ Mountain Goat tshirt
    _ Blue dress shirt
    _ Pair o fallen shoes
    _ 4 dvds (chichagof, new blood, round three, really sorry)
    _ skateboards
    and probably other stuff i don't remember, but get this: all the clothes? maybe 300 bucks tops. The volcom and element pants together in sweden? 301 dollars ( (800kr*2 + 600kr)/7.3)
    yep, doing pretty good.

    Alright, well until next time! God bless you all! Pictures maybe soon!

  16. July 23rd to July 28th: Having a blast at REAP, hangin wit de other MKS... Ya, such fun. The legless lady, Zoo, streaking, it was all there. Thanks guys for a great time and for comfort knowing im not alone!

  17. FINAL ENTRY man this is a huge post. well, its back to normal, here in sweden; slight normal: major jet lag, im rearranging my room, gonna decorate the walls, and then its back to school. Also, talking to some french friends for the first time in a while.... sweetness. Thanks to all of you in the US for making this a memoral trip. Thank you God for making such beauty in this world. Peace out! always yours, patty.