Sunday, October 28, 2007

Slightly Off Comics

Check my new project out! T-Shirts to come!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

LemonSquirrel Updates.

Heyah, I've just made three new comics for the site, you all should go and check them out.

Friday, October 12, 2007

I was quoted at the university level, and it's not even the end of the second weel of class!

Yeah, so I'm taking an Earth Science Class. The class is a huge lecture, everyone is completely anonymous, yeah, one of those. As I was reading the chapter for the class, I came upon a chapter about strata. Immediately, my pun factory went off, and I made a cute little photoshop about it. I then sent that image to my professor as a joke, commenting that it could be an interesting addition to the class.

Well, along came today's lecture, and he had in fact added the image to his presentation. That's it, I have made it to a university lecture!

Here is the e-mail and the image in question:

Hello Professor!

I was reading through the chapter and came upon a section about strata. It was in bold, so I started thinking about it. I don't know what you have planned in the upcoming lecture presentations about strata, or how you wish to introduce them, but I think I may have an interesting suggestion (even if slightly grammatically incorrect):

Use at your leisure. If you don't allow for attachments, here is a web link:

Thank you for your class! It has been very interesting thus far and I look forward to the rest!

Thanks again,
Patrick Webster

Hot dawg! Just when you thought I had topped out geek humor with my loop of Henle joke...