Friday, June 24, 2005

Ozowski's Phrase of the Month 1

Haha, he called the ----, poop...

Just Shut Up Already!

*flipping through channels*

MTV: Room Raiders "wow, these boxers are HOT..." *change*

ESPN: Golf "wow, such a daring move..." *change*

Christian Broadcast: " i believe that artificial sweetners are the fruit of the Devil. God gave us sugar for a reason. And if you need to sweeten something without sugar, use honey: it's God's sweetner. All of these artificially sweetened Coke products are the fruit of the Devil in his plan on taking over the world..." *turn off TV*

No comment.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Volcom Skate Demo Pics

Yea baby, here they are, nice and resized for your viewing pleasure!!! i anticipated a bit too much on some, but you know? whatever! didn't have many good angles, since i didn't want to stand in front of anyone...

Me, waiting my turn, next to QP (all pictures of me by the multi talented Ken Ozowski)

Me, fs flip attempt (btw, i don't know how to do them... eh well)

Me, ollie attempt (going too fast for me, since you had to race out there)

Me, kickflip attempt

Me, landing after fs 180 ( fast forward is the skate shop hosting the event)

Me, what? (the bakery on the right is where Geoff and DD went pre demo to get something to eat)

Me, kickflip to grass

Here is the van!!

Geoff, after sneaking out to the bakery


DD, back

DD, front, not happy

DD, front, happy


Apples close up

Apples, weird expression

Sheckler, QP, with Berry's underpants and gut in the foreground

Sheckler QP

Park overview, with a Sheckler feeble, DD, Duncombe and Berry

Sheckler, mess up on front board bs bigspin out

Sheckler, mid ollie to front board, with Shane Cross and Berry looking on

Where's Rowley?

Jake Duncombe, (switch?) kickflip front board

Sheckler, kickflip front board touchdown with Berry

Sheckler, ollieing up to front board 2

QP of dreams: Apples, Sheckler, Berry and Suski

Sheckler, switch fs 360 attempt 1, with stoopid filmer

Sheckler, switch fs 360 attempt 2, with stoopid filmer

Apples, 360 flip attempt, with stoopid filmer

DD, 1st and second to last fs flip attempt

DD last fs flip attempt, with park overview

Apples, 360 flip perfection

this is where i ran out of film. then the rest of the demo went on. they kinda all had an off day. but twas very cool indeed. i loved it, and i celebrated by getting Chichagof yesterday.


Sunday, June 19, 2005

Religion without science is lame, science without religion is blind.
- Albert Einstein.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Royal visit.

king arthur showed up with his knights of the round table today. something about migrating coconuts. anyhoos, i snapped this pic really quick. he was a bit sickly looking, that king arthur...

just came back from a ski trip...


chillin on the rail with jacob wester. he graciously decided to show up and hang out with me. it took several tries to nail this pic, but the effort was worth it.

me in antartica. i hung out with some penguins, and they hooked me up with this awesome spot, about 500 miles out at sea. the best pow i ever done skiied!

i'll definitely be back there next year...

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

d-day minus 3

almost there... so close i can smell the doughnuts.

and for anyone reading, if you need a resizing program, or just a nice photoshop tool, get fireworks MX 2004. im in love with it. too bad the free trial is only 30 days long... then its 600 bucks. not worth it for that much money, but if you can get it, get it.


peace dudes.

Saturday, June 04, 2005

Skate for the Lord

wow. yesterday i was just raking it up. just swearing, feeling down about myself, and a self esteem issue as big as the US is full of tasty goodness.

but thanks to my dad, i got some more perspective on all this. no one cares if i skate well or not, and i shouldn't put any kind of unnecessary pressure on myself to perform well in front of others, because my life and worth are not limited to what i can and can't do on my board.

thus my new motto: Skate for the Lord. he doen't care if i do well or not, and its him that i need to skate for, no one else. that means keeping it cool, fun, and enjoyable. anything else, and i go off and i know the Lord doesn't like what i do when i go off.

so i must say one thing: Thanks Dad! i love you man...

Friday, June 03, 2005

Pride comes before a fall...

...and i fell. it hurts.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Skate mission to the US of A.

Ok kiddies, time to unveil the best part of my personality, the greedy son of gun part!

ok, so the US is nice and cheap when it comes to skate stuff, and i mean, come on, sweden is just outrageous! so, im going all out when it comes to buying stuff there.

so, the 2 boards that i have had so far are:

Santa Cruz strip 3 7.5 (status: destroyed piece of poo)

Zero single skull 7.75 (status: chipped but still kicking)


Royal trucks 5.0 mids and

spitfire 55 mm multiballs wheels that went on both.

and so now, with one somewhat intact board and a good setup, im going to go all out and get 2 more decks, including one complete! sweet uh?
so im going to get this complete:

almost star deck 7.75

royal evolution black truck (so sweet..)

spitfire classics 51 mm red black wheels.

AND im going to get another deck, just for a backup:

Zero 3 skull with blood 7.75.

so now i will have 2 completes and a backup to compensate for the outrageous prices here in sweden.

But thats not all! no no. im going to have this on my shopping list, along with a bunch of tshirts (Zero, spitfire, Almost, Vans and the like) and whatnot:

1. hooded volcom sweatshirt, large or XL

2. shoes, some fallen shoes:

3. a skate tool

and pantsss, poopty peupty pantsss. maybe oakley, whatever.

this is my greed list! enjoi!

and i miss you already sebbe, if you are reading...